ecommerce marketplace

    By enRaiser

    What is an eCommerce marketplace?

    In a nutshall, marketplace is a website acting as a platform where buyers  and sellers come more closer.A marketplace is a website which allows merchants and individual sellers to sell their products/service through their system, for either a percentage of the sale or for a listing fee. The sale system that a marketplace uses varies from one to another, but they can generally be classified into the following,

    – auction
    – fixed price
    – classified ad
    – store front

    While some markerplace’s concentrate on a niche item, such as antiques, stamps, wine, art or coins. The best known marketplace sites cover every product type imaginable. Some of the best known are as follows, Amazon, Craigslist, eBay and iOffer. One of the most common features of a marketplace site is it’s rating system. Unlike in the real world where it’s difficult to discern a reliable trader, eBay and others allow customers to produce a rating of the service and unless a trader has a reliable history it becomes difficult to sell high ticket items. The key to a marketplace’s success is either a high volume of traffic or quality traffic that will convert into sales. You do not get something for nothing, and those marketplace operators without a fee are likely to fall outside of either traffic ratio.


    We have developed couple of marketplace site, for example ,