1 Samaj

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1samaj is online social networking site which  keep you in touch with your community / caste people.  It is developed  in ELGG award winning social networking platform. IT  is an Indian community portal for all Indians. It is for all different castes and subcastes.

AIM of this website is to bring Indian community online so that they can help others in whatever best way.

This site is developed with consideration of 

  • ELGG SEO, ELGG Dynamic SEO, metatags
  • SEO friendly URL
  • ELG Group extended
  • ELGG Group Categories
  • ELGG Virtual Profile
  • ELGG Family Tree
  • ELGG Group as Homepage


Create caste/samaj profile & invite  friends & relatives to join caste/samaj.  Create your own profile & create virtual profile of your relative. You can add your family member also.  1samaj.in provides facility to create family tree.

You can see Samaj events, samaj festival program calendar or  any important notice for samaj members.


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