This is ELGG Crowd funding plugin.

The plugin developed with consideration  of 

  • Extend ELGG group plugin to own projects.
  • ELGG Location based objects.
  • ELGG Location based SEO.geo targeting
  • ELGG Invite mechanism to any Object.
  • ELGG Relation between user and Objects,
  • Complex ELGG list entity logics, to give priority to location.
  • ELGG payment integration.
  • JS bases dynamic forms.


  • Projects can be created by individual or by group.
  • Projects can be one time(random act of kind ness) or repeating.
  • People can  contribute either as volunteer, or as donation.
  • Donation can either be money (via paypal) or material, food,used toys. etc.
  • Owner can set the target for money, volunteer, material.
  • Owner can put a schedule of work where volunteers can choose to decide which activity and time slot is good for the.
  • Owner can set one user as changemaker, or leader of the project.
  • The contribution to the projects, (time,money, material) is also shown on peoples profile page.
  • Project is location enabled, so one can search projects near to them.
  • In general project listing  the the nearby projects are listed first.
  • Project owner can search people in the location.
  • Expired projects are removed from search.
  • Featured project are shown on top of search.
  • owner can invite , site members, and non site member to join project.
  • people can join the project or simply attend the event.

For demo you can check  (user name sachin password sankar)

project page :

project list page :

it was developed for ELGG release 1.8.19 

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