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      KeystoneJS plugin for sending SMTP mail with Jade template In...d globals in .env file' SMTP_PORT=587 SITE_EMAIL[email protected]'); var Email = new keystone.Email('wel...

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        keystone enSocial

        keystoneJS plugin for social Networking features. This module enables Social networknig features on your keyst...

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          SignUp,SignIn,SignOut and email Validation for KeystoneJs. Installation...keystone.js at keystone.init add email template…… 'emails': 'templates/emails&...Add welcome.jade at templates/emails block body-contents...

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            Allow multipe avatars or virtual  profile of a single person.  each avatar has separate image, and profile page. however they all share common password and common email ID.

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              Family tree

              This plugins groups all family members as a TRee representation. You can either connect with existing family members. or Invite them by email IDs. You can also create virtual profile for family members,. The plugin is dependent on vprofile ( So total cost is $150)