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      tips and tricks

      JETPACK PLUGIN If your wordpress stat  plugin is not working then please understand that there is a ne...d of a plugin called jetpack, and  jetpack will prompt you to connect to wordp...

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        setting wordPress multisite on localhost

        wordPress multisite is the feature by which you can map the multiple...learning of  setting up WordPress multisite on my laptop localh.... When you want to setup a WordPress multisite, or WordPress Netwo...e Foundation/Apache2.2/htdocs/wordpress5” ServerName wp5.local...

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          wordpress Shopping cart

          A nice shopping cart website for a  woman accessories products store. worth trying it, for your loved ones.

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            WordPress information collection.

   Here the complex logic of updating domicile data like all bak information is implemented.


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              Wordpress eCommorce Products Importer

              This piece of source code will enable you to import  export all your products in wordpress eCommerce plugin, developed  at you can use this feature to populate ...


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                Visit  for more detail.   enGap is a mobile app development framework, to quickly build a mobile App for your website. Developer can build Pages,Views and theme and keep the files on server. To begin with we have integrated it with ELGG framework. ...