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      ...cial networking portal. we use PHP/Elgg  or node.js/KeystoneJS as with we have integrated it with ELGG framework. ELGG is a award wi...the mobile app in native iOS & android too.We have rich,, enGap. Few Elgg Paid Plugins.Elgg Theme maker...

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        Elgg developer

        Elgg is an open-source, quick devel...with other platforms and APIs. Elgg provides  wide range of...Scalability is the beauty of Elgg. You may find its difficult f...Each cases stretched  Elgg well beyond its limits in of free and paid plugin for Elgg,  You can explore them o...

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          enRaiser has best ELGG Developers. This site is a Professional Network to host variou...This site is developed with consideration of  ELGG Group Meeting ELGG News plugin ELGG company,ELGG Enterprise ELG...

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            Mobile chat application

            an location aware Mobile chat application. You can find your buddies closer to you, bringing like minded people more closer to each other. This application is available both on android and iPhone platforms.  We have used openfire as backend server, which is using XMPP protocol.

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               to connect with many social platform like facebook, whatsapp, twitter t...essaging tool for whatsapp. a premitive version of the same is put as ELGG plugin at

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                This is ELGG Crowd funding plugin. The plu...tion  of  Extend ELGG group plugin to own projects. ELGG Location based objects. ELG...ween user and Objects, Complex ELGG list entity logics, to give p...ects/all it was developed for ELGG release 1.8.19 

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                  Visit  for more detail.   enGap is a mobile app development framework, to quickly build a mobile App for your website. Developer can build Pages,Views and theme and keep the files on server. To begin with we have integrated it with ELGG framework. ...