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      Elgg developer

      Elgg is an open-source, quick devel...with other platforms and APIs. Elgg provides  wide range of...Scalability is the beauty of Elgg. You may find its difficult f...Each cases stretched  Elgg well beyond its limits in of free and paid plugin for Elgg,  You can explore them o...

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        troubleshooting elgg setup

        The major issues coming while elgg setup is , mode-rewrite test fails. We think...use is that AllowOverride is not set to All for Elgg’s directory. This Apache is configured with an alias for your Elgg directory and you need to set...

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          enRaiser has best ELGG Developers. This site is a Professional Network to host variou...This site is developed with consideration of  ELGG Group Meeting ELGG News plugin ELGG company,ELGG Enterprise ELG...

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            1 Samaj

            enRaiser has best ELGG Developers. 1samaj is online social networking...ty / caste people.  It is developed  in ELGG award winning social networki...developed with consideration of  ELGG SEO, ELGG Dynamic SEO,&n...

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              ...the post automatically.   We haver made a bulk messaging tool for whatsapp. a premitive version of the same is put as ELGG plugin at

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                This is ELGG Crowd funding plugin. The plu...tion  of  Extend ELGG group plugin to own projects. ELGG Location based objects. ELG...ween user and Objects, Complex ELGG list entity logics, to give p...ects/all it was developed for ELGG release 1.8.19 

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         This Website is dedicated for kids and their parent. username sachin  password sankar

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           is a social networking platform for non-profit. Here various non-profits orgonizations. can publish there profile as group. and create various Events.   people  willing to volunteer or donate shall brouse the Event. and apply for volunteering or donation.   T...

                    Tags: ELGG, Donation, NGO

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