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       to connect with many social platform like facebook, whatsapp, twitter to publish the post automati...essaging tool for whatsapp. a premitive version of the same is put as ELGG plugin at https://community.elgg.o...

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        This is ELGG Crowd funding plugin. The plugin developed with cons...ation  of  Extend ELGG group plugin to own projects. ELGG Location based objects. ELG...tween user and Objects, Complex ELGG list entity logics, to give p...jects/all it was developed for ELGG r...

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          Visit  for more detail.   enGap is a mobile app development framewo...e and keep the files on server. To begin with we have integrated it with ELGG framework. ELGG i...

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            An ELGG plugin which enables chat over This plugin also enabled video conferencing over webrtc. However you need to install and run a Node.Js server which runs as webrtc signalling server and also as a chat server.  

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              Closable User message at the top of the page.   Following code  will show  'msg' as H...e","",$param ); Following code  will show  your ELGG V...