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      Elgg developer

      Elgg is an open-source, quick development frame...ctionality and integrate with other platforms and APIs. Elgg provides &nbs...We Love ELGG as social networking platform While we work with almost eve...or need help enhancing an existing platform, you've come to the right...

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        people engagement

        Gone are the days when social networking only means making fr...ideas in collaborative manner. You can also build platform for various areas like NGO,cr...e farmers, artist. etc. can come together if your platform is good enough. How to rea...

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          HealthCare Monitoring Platform

          an ELGG based HealthCare monitoring platform where Hospitals Doctors, patients, Clerks, and Farmacy come together and enjoy the ease of doing the work.

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   is a social networking platform for non-profit. Here various non-profits orgonizations. can publis...apply for volunteering or donation.   The strength of this platform is that it is more oriented t...

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               to connect with many social platform like facebook, whatsapp, twitter to publish the post automatically....we can say that we can achieve all the telemarketing need on whatsapp platform.


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                people look for trust, not just UX

                There are millions of portal and millions more are in pipe line. Every one has brilliant Idea. to change the world.  The social networking portal are moving beyond just entertainment and connecting. There are now playing a role of mediator, broker, change maker, personalized to industry...

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