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      SydJS/keystoneJS issues with social login using passport

      ...;you can see modules for each passport strategy. IN each module relavant passport  stratagies are being us...uire('passport'); keystone.pre('routes', passport.initialize()); keystone.pre('routes', passpor...

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        keystoneJS simple shopping cart part2

        (1) AJAX & session   Lets create a simple cart in right corn...else li: a(href='/keystone/signin') Sign In li: a(...ect to session.   var keystone = require('keystone')...ect in session.   var keystone...

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          keystoneJS simple shopping cart part1

          In this tutorial, I am  going to teach, how you can build a simple shopping cart using keystone.JS.  (1)Add models....models/Product.js var keystone = require('keystone')...models/Order.js var keystone = require('keystone')...

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            keystoneJS advanced shopping cart

            In the previous tutorial we just created an end to end framework. but in real worl...{ type: Number}     }] Does keystoneJS also addresses them? As keystoneJS used mongoose it must be po...can do  mongoose 2 level population in Keystone...

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              why you should hire enRaiser?

              We are expert in building social networking portal. we use PHP/Elgg  or node.js/KeystoneJS as framework for this. We are proud to...pescript, Full-Stack Javascript (node.js,keystonejs,Express,mongodb,Jade) CSS,l...GITHUB: many of my Elgg plugins, and keystone...