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      keystoneJS simple shopping cart part2

      (1) AJAX & session   Lets create a simple cart in right corner of nav bar.add this code in   temples/layouts/default.jade after Sign in. else...

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        ecommerce marketplace

        What is an eCommerce marketplace? In a nutshall, marketplace is a website acting as a platform where buyers  and sellers come more closer.A marketplace is a website wh...

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          keystoneJS simple shopping cart part1

          In this tutorial, I am  going to teach, how you can build a simple shopping cart using keystone.JS.  (1)Add models.   Creating model is equiv...products. (2) Create some products and Orders   Keystone....

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            keystoneJS advanced shopping cart

            In the previous tutorial we just created an end to end framework. but in real world there are some chalenges to be addressed. (1) in an order customer may like to inc...

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              SydJS/keystoneJS issues with social login using passport

              I wanted to integrate the social login features in my site. So I  though of learning SydJS for the same purpose. for that I installed and run the SydJS site on my l...

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                why you should hire enRaiser?

                We are expert in building social networking portal. we use PHP/Elgg  or node.js/KeystoneJS as framework for thi...n topics like node.js,Elgg,mongoose. GITHUB: many of my Elgg plugins, and keystone....