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      keystoneJS advanced shopping cart

      ...e: Number}     }] Does keystoneJS also addresses them? As keystoneJS used mongoose it must be poss...o  mongoose 2 level population in KeystoneJS.   For doing this...39;)(keystone.mongoose); Order.schema.plugin(deepPopulate);  ...

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        tips and tricks

        JETPACK PLUGIN If your wordpress stat  plugin is not working then please understand that there is a need of a plugin called jetpack, and  jet...

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          Ciitation Manager

          This plugin is  extension to famous embed plugin. It  helps you search and manage pubme...sp;all youe citation into bibtex file. This plugin also helps you manage your ci...compoent at The plugin is actually working at onelab...

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            Triplet Tree

            This plugin is complex usage of JSTree component. in which, one can create a tree have look at the compoent at The plugin is actually working at onelab...

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              keystone enSocial

              keystoneJS plugin for social Networking features. This module enables Social networknig features on your keystoneJS portal...

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                An ELGG plugin which enables chat over This plugin also enabled video conferencing over webrtc. However you need to install and run a Node.Js server which runs as webrtc signalling server and also as a chat server.  

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                  KeystoneJS plugin for sending SMTP mail with Jade template Installation create keystone project using yo keystone, and do not choose email feature. install keystone-enmailer npm install git+https://[email protected]/enraiser/keystone-enmailer.git Usage In keystone....

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