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    • enRaiser

      keystoneJS advanced shopping cart

      In the previous tutorial we just created an end to end framework. product model in previous tutorial is not sufficient. The Order...ike discount and quantity. mongoose addresses real life complexities The mongoose documentation for schematype&...

      • enRaiser

        keystoneJS simple shopping cart part1

        In this tutorial, I am  going to teach, how you can build a simple shopping cart using keystone.JS. ...ake sure the first letter is capital and don't use plural name. because mongoose automat...

        • enRaiser

          why you should hire enRaiser?

 Stackoverflow: Active contributor in topics like node.js,Elgg,mongoose. GITHUB: many of my Elgg p...are available on my github repo. Youtube : I also started releasing tutorials in youtube as well as on thi...

          • enRaiser

            WordPess Pod plugin

            what is pods? The Pods Framework is a Content Development Framework for WordPre...l show you some of Pods Framework’s functionality by giving you a quick tutorial on how you we can use it to m...