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      ...l networking portal. we use PHP/Elgg  or node.js/KeystoneJS as framework for t...ngular 2.0,typescript, Full-Stack Javascript (node.js,keystonejs,Express,mongodb,Ja...ckoverflow: Active contributor in topics like node.js,Elgg,mongoose. GITHUB: man...

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        Introduction to SyncML

        The phone generally has different kind of data, and depending on the category, different kinds of management operation can be offered. See the table below....

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          Triplet Tree

          This plugin is complex usage of JSTree component. in which, one can create a tree object. Each node of the tree is a set of triplets(three editable fields). as standard...


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            An ELGG plugin which enables chat over This plugin also enabled video conferencing over webrtc. However you need to install and run a Node.Js server which runs as webrtc signalling server and also as a chat server.  


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              keystoneJS simple shopping cart part2

              (1) AJAX & session   Lets create a simple cart in right corner of nav bar.add this code in   temples/layouts/default.jade after Sign in. else li: a(href='/keystone/signin') Sign In li: a(href='/mycart') div(class="row"...

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