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      Social e-Commerce

      ...oduct or service to buyer. and the site does not come in between or j...which the buyer sends money to the site and site send it to seller this will only happen if your site is SEO friendly, and also fri...hen your employee share one of the page of your portal on facebook, a...

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        basics of wordpress

        ...are entries listed on the blog home page or on the post page. You can set this one in sett...e_request or pre_get_posts.ccess the page by adding /wp-admin/install.php to your site's domain or IP address ( to use subdomains ( or sub-directories (mywe...

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          Paid event calendar

          ...consideration of over-booking, and pending payments, cancelation, modification etc are also handled gracefully. A nice management page for the Event Owner, and site admins. Event owner can cr...

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            ...llowed to see content of the group.Instead he is redirected to a payment page. Group owner can define when the user becomes member. The user is not allowed to visit the site until unless he is member of...

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              keystone enSocial

              keystoneJS plugin for social Networking features. This module enables Social network...ject.Edit,Delete, Comment thread. Profile and Feed Page. Activity Streams List all activity of a User on  his profile Page...

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                ...material) is also shown on peoples profile page. Project is location enable...hown on top of search. owner can invite , site members, and non site member to join project. peo...ser name sachin password sankar) project page :

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                  This is fully responsive design and development so it  reach to tablet and mobile audiences. This site runs in typical web-based mode and stores necessary data in offline storage, to be used in offline mode. Fast image loading site –   it is important for web...

                  Tags: AngularJS, HTML5, Responsve, one page site