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      keystoneJS simple shopping cart part2

      (1) AJAX & session   Lets create a simple...we just add the product object to session.   var keyston...var product = result; req.session.cart.push(result); locals = res.locals; if(req.session.cart !=undefined ){...

      • enRaiser

        Detect First time login

        ...;, ‘mysite_hook_forward_system’); function mysite_hook_forward_system($hook, $type, $returnvalue, $params) { //global $SESSION; $url = $_SESSION[‘forward_link’];...

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          Introduction to SyncML

          ...L.DM it is quite possible that the server decides when to start the DM Session. This is because scheduled jo...tablish TCP and HTTP connection and then sends a pkg1. And thus the DM Session starts.   SyncML.D...

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            SydJS/keystoneJS issues with social login using passport

            ...39;, passport.initialize()); keystone.pre('routes', passport.session()); However after fixing...s is not required for sydJS. (2) Failed to serialize user into session Error: Failed to seriali...

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              keystoneJS advanced shopping cart

              ...about using async library with great length. that you will need to save all orderItem before you save the order like this. async.forEach(req.session.cart, function (item, callbac...