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    • enRaiser

      media gallery

      Facebook like media gallery for both tidypics images an izap videos. This plugin lists izap video and tidypics in single page. ans also  pops up nice lightbox gallery just like Facebook.

      • enRaiser

        WeChat Integration.

        In this plugin we integrated wechat PHP SDK. for  linking thewire with wechat  enterprise Account. The Site Users can communicate we each other over wechat, without actually , knowing each others weChat ID. site members also receives thewire as wechat posts.  

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           to connect with many social platform like facebook, whatsapp, twitter to publish the post automatically.   We haver made a bulk messaging tool for whatsapp. a prem...

          • enRaiser


            This is ELGG Crowd funding plugin. The plugin developed with consideration  o...x ELGG list entity logics, to give priority to location. ELGG payment integration. JS bases dynamic forms....