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      people look for trust, not just UX

      There are millions of portal and millions more are in pipe line. Every one has brilliant Idea. to change the world.  The socia...

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        postname(slug) can not be a 4 digit number

        If you want a 4 digit number like 2900 to be a postname, i.e post url. then you w...:1. Install a theme and personalise the stylesheet2. Activate Akismet3. Remove Login Meta box from the sidebar4. I...

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          Introduction to SyncML

          The phone generally has different kind of data, and depend...,Copy,Rename,Execute Client does remote login to Unix Server and does above operations on objects Server does Remote login to Device client and doe...

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            PHP mail function not working on localhost.

            I made the changes in PHP.ini SMTP = ssl:// smtp_port = 465 but,...less secure apps. Don’t worry! Just follow the below steps.  Login to your google account. &nb...