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    • enRaiser

      keystoneJS simple shopping cart part1

      In this tutorial, I am  going to teach, how you can build a simple shopping cart using keystone.JS.  (1)Add models.   Creating model is equivalent to creating...

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        Introduction to SyncML

        The phone generally has different kind of data, and depending on...elated to User Contacts, Reminders,Emails, Syncronization...priate time these modification shoul...It has not been explained but what I th...Idea of phones limitation and what is of the same product and, it keeps ch...

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          Basics of Security and JAVA

          Introduction Normally we want sec...hy Security inside system What type of security is prevailed i...Security between Systems What type of security the communicat...communicate? 1 The message should not be altered by third the remote party is really what he says what he is. Let us s...