Elgg developer

Elgg is an open-source, quick development framework for creating social networking site  and applications. It is the most flexible framework You will ever experience. It provides the basic structure and building blocks for any social network .

At its core is  an extensible plugin engine that allows us to create custom functionality and integrate with other platforms and APIs. Elgg provides  wide range of features, including: user dashboards and profiles, groups, discussion forums, photo, file and video galleries, wall and activity feeds, twitter integration and much more. It’s use-case agnostic and can be customized and enhanced to fit a wide variety of scenarios. That’s where we come in.
Scalability is the beauty of Elgg. You may find its difficult for the general people to build Elgg site. but over a period of time.  when you want to make changes. then you realise that Elgg is much better choice you have made.

Elgg.org site is always live, there are thousands of developers are daily active there. many of them are busy releasing their new plugin or new version of plugin. Even the core Elgg engine is always in the mood of upgrading. That really encourage and gives feeling of security that they are really with right technology.

Each cases stretched  Elgg well beyond its limits in terms of design, functionality and integration. While Elgg is extremely powerful out of the box, we’ve found that our clients demand higher levels of custom functionality and integration — so we’ve become experts at extending Elgg with its powerful plugin engine.

Our Contribution

We Love ELGG as social networking platform While we work with almost every platform on the LAMP stack. We're one of the best firms to provide a full range of elgg customization or custom Elgg development services. In the past 4 years, we've launched many elgg demo or elgg site based on the Elgg framework that anyone else. : a public professional network for nmwp, engaging well over 10,000 users in total, an community social network for Indian community , a private research project for onelaboratory.com  to name few. 
If you're considering Elgg for a new project, or need help enhancing an existing platform, you've come to the right place. Check out our Elgg plugin and Let's talk. on Elgg theme designing, Elgg consultant services. Our Team contains some of the best Elgg developers.

We have developed number of free and paid plugin for Elgg,  You can explore them on this site as well Free plugins are also available on Elgg.org and some of them are most loved.  Not only that , we have developed a tool to quickly build plugin/theme. Every days  hundreds of developers are using this tool, to build their own plugin.

We have also built an mobile App builder framework for Elgg. its called enGap. Using enGap anyone can design and build his own mobile App for Elgg. and pitch in the market quickly.

Our team contains some of the best Elgg developers in the industry, including 2 members of the core Elgg development team.