people engagement

Gone are the days when social networking only means making friends and sharing images. Now social networking has moved beyond and and exploring more professional domains.  Nowadays specialised network portal are booming where people join for common purpose. it may be for social cause like volunteering. It may be doing business with each other or providing service. It may be buying or selling (real estate/goods etc) .

Why you should consider people engagement.
So that your site become more rich in terms of content. the content is written by people. and not by you. there are various way in which you can monetize the content.  depending on the domain and size of the content. to begin with you can monetize by ads.
Once your site get momentum, its will start engaging more and more people, based on the content. You just have monitor ,and eliminate bd content.  The site will need very less promotions.   You can also easily target the people of that domain, for promoting news business ideas. At list you dont have to pay fat amount in promoting your ideas.

You also get the power of collaboration, which is not there in case when you are the only player. your community can help you like a family.

What are the ideas which needs people engagement.
almost anything that happening on internet , can go is more collaborative way. for example blogging. you can build a people engagement for portal for bloggers,  and then the bloggers can work on ideas in collaborative manner. You can also build platform for various areas like NGO,crowd funding, local areas collaboration. social activist. people doing similar works ,like farmers, artist. etc. can come together if your platform is good enough.

How to really engage people.
First your site should be SEO friendly, so that content itself is capable of fetching more like minded people.  then you can think of various engagement method to keep them on your site. help them in reaching out to like minded people. searching, and  make sure that there is proper email, and news letters, to bring them back. help them in achieving their goal. recognised their efforts via various point system, and giving more power on your site. If possible make them partner  and share your profits too. or enable them to  learn, or earn, or gain something by being engaged with you.

protect your portal
 put some effort in maintaining your site, avoiding it from wrong content, unethical activities ,and punishing people from doing activities which is denting the common goal.

We have dealt with various of this kind of use cases.
We are also expert in building hybrid mobile application using cordova,angularjs.  We have built mobile apps for many of our people engagement portals.

Last but not leat , have patiences, it take time , and it cant be what you dreamt ,overnight.

If you have an Idea, and some money to invest then we can be right choice for you to Raise your Ideas into reality. and thats why we rightly choose our brand  name as enRaiser. We enable you to Raise your Idea.