Professional Network

LinkedIn is the prominent professional social network. LinkedIn has made efforts toward assisting veterans in finding employment, the growth of these vertical networks speaks to a market need.

If you look out for  doctors,lawyers,engineers, entrepreneurs, programmers, designers, hiring consultants, marketers, CPA’s, scientists, academics, investors, business owners and business experts. Social professional networks serve as a place for people to “do” things that other networks might not cater to.

What are the challenges to build a professional network.?
the main challenge  is to  be really different from other professional network. because there are already many professional network like linkedIn, freelancer. In case your goal is to engage them in doing business then there are quite more challenges. whether you want to be global or local  to a country ,state or city. How will make sure that the service provider will maintain quality. they will not cheat the customer. They will not spoil your brand. How will you make sure more and more service providers join you. and also they get more and more business from you.

Localised professional network.
This is the area which has quite more potential, because a plumber is not going to use upwork or fiverr.  and the person want to have a plumber which can quickly come to his home. and more importantly you better know what are the pain points in your local are. you can also use location based feature to help him the service provider closer to his location.

software based professional services.
 you can also think of developing tools to help professional. and assist them in doing their work. for example, you can help a calendar based appointment system. help  in  documentation, help in preparing online content, like XL,proposal.prescription. or any other domain specific tool. e.g you can if you target teach to student then think of web conferencing as feature. or if you are thinking of a plumber then, keep him available via application chat feature etc.

increase your portfolio of service provider.
You should have more professional  registered on your portal, for this purpose You might want to go aggressively in market in make them register. You may register on their behalf. you may ring, them email them. find them for relevant  other channel. or hire people to go locally to find them but make sure you have more and more service provider available on your portal. 

Keep them engaged
Make sure you dont loose anyone. Keep your people engaged by sending them more and more potential customer, or professional.
use email phonecall SMS. whatsapp to stay connected. suggest them help them train them.  make surew your portal is SEO friendly. and people are encouraged to  share link create profile. Each profile is rich in content. and valid in information.

We  have dealt with all kinds of complexities around  industry specific niche professional networks that help professionals to find jobs, collaborate with colleagues, manage projects, improve sales, retain customers, co-operate with partners, experts and generate business ideas. We are champion in customising Professional networks focused on business users and meeting their needs.