Social e-Commerce

It encompasses a broad array of options including group buying,location bases awareness, social shopping, mobile apps, retailers adding social features, and shopping integrated into social media. Anything less is just traditional e-commerce in sheep’s’ social clothing. 

online market place involved payment integration like paypal, payoneer and nowadays bitcon or stripe.

There are two types of transaction model. you can think of. one is in which the seller directly sells the product or service to buyer. and the site does not come in between or just takes its commission.The 2nd model is in which the buyer sends money to the site and site send it to seller after deducting its commission. the 2nd approach involves burden from the income tax perspective. However the first approach involves the burden from the development perspective. because in that approach we need to ask the payment gateway to transfer money from one user to another user.

how to promote the market place
Yes this is he big challenge you must invest some money in promoting it via various channel. it may involves manual efforts.  but is your portal smart enough to pickup the promotion.  by smart I mean, what will happen when your manual promotion stops? your portal must continue self promoting  after initial kick start. this will only happen if your site is SEO friendly, and also friendly to other social sites like facebook, tweeter, google etc.  For example when your employee share one of the page of your portal on facebook, and that content on facebook looks ugly. will any of his friend share it. NO. so make sure it looks good after it get shared.  make sure all your contents are searchable well in google.  You can also  think of encouraging people be engaged with you site by providing various  points, which can be later encashed, or give more rights on your sites. you can use proper emailing, and new letter to  bring people back to your site.  There is another way in which site can be promoted is a called affiliate marketing. in this you can encourage people to recommend friends and bring friends into the market. and earn a bit out of it.

For a long term strategy you may decide to keep it non-profit, thus people can freely get engaged to your site. and later when you have enough customer base you can think of other ideas to make money.

make your market place rich in terms of content and easy to search.
People should find everything around your idea on your market place, otherwise they will go away to your compititors. Your marketplace must be searchable. Fast , and User friendly. IF there are more steps involved in the process. then you are loosing potential buyers in each steps.  make sure that you clear their doubts, by allowing them to quickly comment, or chat.going thr FAQ. etc. and also bring their feedbacks in picture. You must allow them to type their concern. and you should have great controll over what all is being typed on your portal. that give you a great ideas  of improvements.

Customise Online Marketplace for each unique use case. Our Social Commerce personalised solutions involves buyers before, during and after their purchase. enRaisers Solution creates innovative but highly user friendly niche  that make for a very successful and satisfying market expirience..