social networking development

Creating a successful social network is an art. and  making money from it is even smart and need patience.enRaiser is a veteran in the social media world. 

Gone are the days when social networking only means making friends and sharing images. Now social networking has moved beyond and and exploring more professional domains.  Nowadays specialised network portal are booming where people join for common purpose. it may be for social cause like volunteering. It may be doing business with each other or providing service. It may be buying or selling (real estate/goods etc) .
We have dealt with various of this kind of use cases.

Scalability and performance .
The social network are more vulnarable to scalability issues. snce the more you improve  the more it lead to increase in user. which will force you to scale . you will alwase find yourself in making lot of change s to scale it.

Every user will have a feed. Based on the tags everyone selects, their feed shows them related posts. The content will be fresh every-time which will keep them hooked onto the website.

Social media are increasingly blurring the boundaries between work and play. And the online tracking and dissemination of news and views over social media mean that people may now continue to live in a media world long after the end of their working hours. In their recently published social media guidelines, the Reuter news organization observed that “the distinction between the private and the professional has largely broken down online and you should assume that your professional and personal social media activity will be treated as one, no matter how hard you try to keep them separate”. Identity and intellectual property issues take on new dimensions in a world where it is increasingly difficult to separate our professional and personal lives, both online and offline.

Compelling content is vitally important. But the overriding difficulty lies in predicting what consumers are interested in at any time and channelling traffic towards promising content. Here, Google is at an immense advantage, with the vast stores of information it possesses about people’s online surfing behaviour. Google Analytics enables webmasters (and Google) to identify how users arrive at sites, where they click and what they are interested in. In contrast, Apple has essentially outsourced the problem of knowing what consumers want to its community of application developers — who are also iPhone users.

we are a small team of dedicated and committed s/w engineers,  We are mainly focusing on developing people  engagement solutions.
We are also expert in building hybrid mobile application using cordova,angularjs.  We have built mobile apps for many of our people engagement portals.

If you have an Idea, and some money to invest then we can be right choice for you to Raise your Ideas into reality. and thats why we rightly choose our brand  name as enRaiser. We enable you to Raise your Idea.


Our portfolio includes both general and niche on-line communities. At enRaiser you get access to the professionals who can provide your on-line community with unique branding, totally custom look and feel and supply it with the most popular social networking tools.