why you should hire enRaiser?

We are expert in building social networking portal. we use PHP/Elgg  or node.js/KeystoneJS as framework for this. We are proud to say that we have done various challenge task around this areas. including Chat ,WhatsApp,Maps,Facebook Integration.affiliate networking,email integration,face detection,SEO friendly pages,social login,social sharing,payment integration. Hosting support. Calendar and eVent management.Location based features.virtual profile.
We have a developed 100+ social networking portals  and almost similar mobile apps so far for our customers. and All our customers are happy and feels lucky to be with us.

mobile App
We can  built your mobile App using cordova,angularJS. You can  have a look at https://engap.enraiser.com.enGap is a mobile app development framework, to quickly build a mobile App for your website.Developer can build Pages,Views and theme and keep the files on server.To begin with we have integrated it with ELGG framework. ELGG is a award wining social networking framework. I have developed a common framework which can be reused for your case too.At the same time we can also develop the mobile app in native iOS & android too.We have rich experience of AngularJS so you won't find competency issue while working with us. 

We are proficient with Javascript, AngularJS, HTML5 and CSS and also able to think in Angular and do the job properly. 

We have also built few product of our own including 1samaj.in, fight2right.org,kindit.org, enGap. Few Elgg Paid Plugins.Elgg Theme maker.

Our skill includes 
 Elgg,PHP, Javascript,Jquery, AngularJS,cordova,onsen.io,Hybrid Mobile App Angular 2.0,typescript, Full-Stack Javascript (node.js,keystonejs,Express,mongodb,Jade) CSS,less,SASS,Bootstrap.

We are also contributing to developer communities  in the areas we work.

Elgg :- Active contributor to Elgg isnce 2012, build  hundreds of Elgg plugins,  many of of them are available free.

Stackoverflow: Active contributor in topics like node.js,Elgg,mongoose.

GITHUB: many of my Elgg plugins, and keystone.Js modules are available on my github repo.

Youtube : I also started releasing tutorials in youtube as well as on this site.

Upwork : you can check my upwork portfolio and see a list of happy customers, with rating and feedback.

LinkedIn :  15 year of industry expirience, full of challenges every day.

Twitter : just for social presence.
Facebook : Just scial presence.

Some Other  salient features are

We do proper source-code management using SVN/GIT.
We have proper requirement and bug tracking tool. We follow CMM level 5 process.(http://process.enraiser.com)
We can also do the hosting work for you, with very high speed cloud server. We have worked with various provider for shared hosting server, and dedicated servers. 
Our web page are inherently responsive and adaptive to all kind of screen sizes.
We follow proper coding and Testing guideline.
 We Are full stack developer. LAMP and MEAN.
Our Lead is  having 13 year of Industry experience, profile at https://in.linkedin.com/in/sachin-sharma-48777a5.  So You dont just give requirement to us. but  actually get suggestions and Ideas from us.
We give lifetime free support. We will charge only if the work is additional feature.